“Two Thumbs Up” Bonus CD

Here’s the complete third CD in one player – short edits, but well-crafted by Jürgen Schlachter. The interesting thing about this CD: It consists of new and unreleased bonus tracks!

Rehearsal #1: No Flagman Ahead

TAB TWO, two of a kind… After all these years… First rehearsal after 12 years, not too bad… There’s still a lot to do… Best wishes from the TAB CAVE! – Hellmut & Joo

Two Thumbs Up: Tracks 1-3

No Flagman Ahead: How many times have I heard the count in “One… Two”? That was the best thing about the song! Anyway – “Flagman” never annoyed me. Let It Flow: Good groove! Quite typical TAB TWO sound. Everything is …1

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