HATTLER – Live in Glems (2013)

HATTLER live 2013. Photos: Bernd Boscolo.

Out now: The complete concert HATTLER – Live in Glems. With Hellmut Hattler (bass), Fola Dada (vocals), Torsten de Winkel (guitar) & Oli Rubow (drums). Recorded on 5 October 2013 at Hirsch in Glems. Live sound and 24-track recording: Daniel Stämmler. Mixed and mastered at 36music by Jürgen Schlachter. Download-only.

C64, Waiting, Sunny Jay, Mirrorman, Salaud, Nachtstrom, Torsten de Winkel – Improvisation, Lilo & Max, The Terrace, Fine Days, Dimitri, Delhi News, Someone Alive, Whatchagonnado, Dinner For Three, New I.D., The Kite, So Low

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