Two Thumbs Up: Tracks 13-15

Enimo Mine
Joo: A typical Hattler bravura piece!
Hellmut: It exists as a live solo number for echo bass called Intro Mine. Then came the theme, and we recorded a KRAAN version as well as a TAB TWO version. It’s exotic, but it has become quite a classic.

Belle Affaire
Joo: One of our hits! It was also on the soundtrack of a movie with Uwe Ochsenknecht… (I forgot the name). Pretty tough to play live. And to sing. But of course we’ll have it in the live program again!

Vraiment Paris
Joo: Oh yeah, our France era! Between 1992 and 1996 we played a lot there. Huge festivals with MC Solaar, Alliance Ethnik, Soon E MC, etc. It started at the Passage du Nord-Ouest in Paris: For two weeks we played after each performance of Jango Edwards – and I’ve watched nearly all of his shows! I almost died laughing every night. When we entered the stage, it was already full of beer and confetti…

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