Rehearsal #3: Let It Flow

Joo & Hellmut, letting it flow! Playing the song for the first time since last century… (Filmed at Valley View Bassment, March 2012)Rehearsal 2012

Let It Flow

I’m a shark in an ocean of perfume
A pearl in a pig with gastritis – call me King Midas
If no one employs me no one annoys me
If I don’t fight myself, nothing and no one destroys me
I’m a gangster, a spirit, a tank, I’m a virgin
Things are never complete before they start merging
I’m confused coz I miss you – it’s good to know
No draggin’, no pushin’ – let it flow
Is it time to get lazy or time to go crazy
To stop these developments that make things too mazy
Face in the mirror, all your values, decisions
Did somehow slide to the bizarrest position
Take off your rollneck, your basecap
If you’re naked do the face check
Watch your headroom, your bedroom, your eyes in a pale head
Hero’s back to zero, you smile coz you know
No draggin’, no pushin’ – let it flow
Oh it’s good to see you – real good to see you
I wanted too much now I do agree with you
Who needs a grey sky, a petrified pizza pie
A shark in an ocean of perfume, a mad guy
Where’s the gangster, the spirit, the pale days now
Some headroom, a bedroom, you got me out of that maze now
I’m still confused coz I missed you – it’s good to know
No draggin’, no pushin’ – let it flow

Music & words: Hattler & Kraus

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