Rehearsal #1: No Flagman Ahead

Rehearsal #1

TAB TWO, two of a kind… After all these years… First rehearsal after 12 years, not too bad… There’s still a lot to do… Best wishes from the TAB CAVE! – Hellmut & Joo

No Flagman Ahead

We’re depending – strange – coz we call it understanding
We pray and pay that the pavement’s never ending
Things just happen without a warning
No signs dawning, and no flagman ahead
No flagman ahead sign
No flagman ahead
Lots of forecasts reviews and rumours in the late news
Trends, comments and neverending previews
There’s no doubt, no error, we all know things get narrow
What’s the future – is it bow or arrow?
No flagman ahead sign
No flagman ahead
I’m turning round and round, going back and forth
While I’m always looking for a new direction
I’m moving up and down, saying yes and no
There’s no way to sell us permanent protection

Music & words: Hattler & Kraus

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