Welcome to the new website of TAB TWO


Welcome everybody!

We thought it’s about time for having a new website. The former website had been deleted long time ago. But now TAB TWO are back! Thx a lot to Kosmar (webdesign) and Guido (web setup) from Berlin, and Damian and Jürgen from the team. It took them only two nights, which is quite fast. It’s a state-of-the-art responsive webdesign, optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Congratulations, thanks & respect! Awesome!
Joo & Hell

Kosmar & Guido in Ulm 2012.

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  1. josh von staudach

    sensationell!! toll gemacht: klare gestaltung, angenehme schriftgröße, alle infos übersichtlich – geradezu vorbildlich, gratuliere! “two thumbs up” eben ;-) … cheers josh

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